Our Vision

We believe that change is always possible and that on your journey of self-discovery you realize you have everything inside you need to heal, grow and create lasting change.

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.”- Carl Jung

Our Vision

Are you looking for help with the challenges you face? Often, relationships are at the heart of many of those challenges. You may want a better relationship with yourself. You may want a better relationship with someone in your life. You may have a want to resolve the painful history of a past relationship.

Acknowledging that you need help, perhaps after many attempts to resolve these issues on your own, is an important step. Allow Baker Street Therapy to be a part of your journey of healing, providing insight and guidance. Once you enter therapy our focus is on identifying where your personal strengths lie in order to build resilience and improve your overall quality of life.

Baker Street Therapy can work alongside you to guide you on that journey. Therapy will support you to identify ways of managing symptoms, develop coping skills to overcome obstacles, as well as promote insight and self-awareness.


Core Values

Holistic – Helping clients to break free from problematic patterns and to replace them with constructive choices.

Compassion – The practitioners care deeply about supporting clients to achieve their goals.

Transforming – Changing lives through support, self-esteem, insight, courage and hope.

Authentic – Therapists who are straightforward, warm and who meet their obligations to provide safe and effective therapy.